3 superstars not named Jonathan Taylor that the Steelers must trade for

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Steelers could deal for Aaron Donald

A bit fantastical, and I will admit to that, but the speculation that the Rams will move on from Aaron Donald has died down a bit. The reason seems to be that Los Angeles isn’t the dumpster fire everyone expected it to be this offseason. That said, they aren’t in a realistic position to compete, so the fire sale could be on soon.

With salary cap troubles coming up next offseason, the Rams will likely implode and begin to rebuild. They built their team, won their Super Bowl, and now it is time to pay the piper his due. While it isn’t a lock that Donald and the other veterans are dealt, it seems more than likely that this team has a few tough seasons ahead of them.

The Steelers defensive line has been lackluster since the Cameron Heyward injury, and while there have been bright spots with Keeanu Benton and DeMarvin Leal, overall this group is lacking. Donald, despite being older, is still a premiere defender and one of the best players in the league.

This deal would be a huge one, and while it would greatly benefit the Steelers defense, I doubt an agreement could be made between both teams. That said, Donald would be a huge addition to this team if he were traded. Adding an elite defender to the line would boost the defense in a major way.