3 superstars not named Jonathan Taylor that the Steelers must trade for

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Steelers could deal for Garett Bolles

A big name that has a real chance to be dealt before the deadline, Garett Bolles surprised me as a player. While athletically gifted and a mauler, he was an older prospect who had some technical issues as a blocker. That said, he has since developed into a great tackle for the Broncos despite being on a consistently poor team.

It seems like the Broncos are gearing up to tank though. Adding Russell Wilson has been a horrible choice, and the entire team appears to have lost faith in the direction of the team. The tank storyline was furthered when the team announced that had released Randy Gregory. He had been signed to a huge deal a season ago but was released as the team wanted to focus on younger players.

Bolles has also been vocal about his displeasure with this team. He has publically stated that it has been hard on him to be on a team that has consistently lost since he was drafted. It doesn’t seem like he wants to be in Denver anymore, and assuming the firesale is on, Bolles is a logical target to add.

Landing a talented tackle for an offensive line that has played poorly so far this season would be a huge get. He has two years left on his current deal as well, further adding to his value. Bolles and Broderick Jones could form a powerful pair of tackles for this team and better protect their quarterback moving forward.

The Steelers officially have a Mike Tomlin problem. The Steelers officially have a Mike Tomlin problem. dark. Next

While the Steelers have been linked to Taylor, that isn’t the superstar that they should try and add. Instead, these three names should be squarely on the list of players for Pittsburgh to target if they decide to make a big splash before the trade deadline.