3 unique solutions to the Steelers biggest roster problems

Despite a successful offseason, the Steelers are still in need of some help, and these three out of the box solutions could be huge helps.
Atlanta Falcons running back Cordarrelle Patterson (84)
Atlanta Falcons running back Cordarrelle Patterson (84) / Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers have had quite the eventful offseason. The quarterback room was completely revamped, two core starters were traded away, and the team added their most expensive free agent signing in the history of their free agents. On top of this, the offensive line rebuild has seemingly reached its crescendo after the draft.

That said, this roster still has quite a few issues though. The slot cornerback is up in the air and the receiver room is extremely shallow. Add in some general depth concerns at a few different positions and this team still has some work to do. While moves can still be made, here are three unique solutions for the current Steelers roster woes.

The Steelers can plug Spencer Anderson in at tackle

Perhaps not the most unique solution on this list, there is a small question as to what the Steelers will do at backup tackle this year. It seems like a foregone conclusion that Broderick Jones and Troy Fautanu will be your starting tackles, but the depth behind them is up in the air.

Typically, a team will carry a swing tackle who can play on either side as their top backup. While Dan Moore, on paper, fits that role, the team seems unwilling to play him on that side. Assuming he remains on the roster, there is a legitimate concern as to what will happen if the starting right tackle goes down with an injury.

What makes the most sense to me is to plug Spencer Anderson into that role. While he lacks the ideal frame for a tackle, the Steelers were regularly using him as a tackle in camp last year, and he looked good. He also has the benefit of being a viable interior depth option, meaning he can wear a lot of different hats.

Plugging Anderson as the right tackle while also serving as depth along the interior gives this team two viable backup tackles on gameday. Moore can step in if needed on the left side while Anderson can be the core backup right tackle. While Dylan Cook is also a potential fit for this, he lacks the same interior potential that Anderson has.

The Steelers can plug Damontae Kazee in at slot cornerback

Slot cornerback remains one of the biggest needs on this roster, as the team has done nothing to properly address the position. While fans can hope that undrafted rookie Beanie Bishop is ready to start by week one, the odds say otherwise. This team needs to have a plan beyond that.

It wasn’t a sure thing that Damontae Kazee would survive the offseason, but he now seems like an easy projection as a backup safety and potential role player on defense. That said, given his experience, physicality, and size, I think he could be a good slot defender.

While a natural free safety, Kazee did play some in the slot for Atlanta a few years ago, and given the lack of other options on the roster, he could be the best choice for the role. They need someone with experience here, and Kazee fits that mold.

The Steelers can plug Cordarrelle Patterson in at receiver

The Steelers are in desperate need of some receiver depth, and Cordarrelle Patterson could provide them with a unique option there. No, he won’t be counted on for a starting role there, but even since making the switch to receiver, he has still dabbled with receiver snaps.

While he shouldn’t be viewed as a cure-all, I think you can find some unique packages for him. Perhaps on some vertical shots with George Pickens and Roman Wilson, Patterson can line up out wide and serve as a check-down option. Just something so this team isn’t solely relying on the likes of Van Jefferson and Scotty Miller this year.

History suggests Steelers should be concerned about Troy Fautanu's height. dark. Next. History suggests Steelers should be concerned about Troy Fautanu's height

While not perfect fits or solutions, these three solutions think outside of the box and provide the Steelers with some solutions to their problems. They will need to make more moves than these, but these three unique options could help alleviate some of their current woes.