4 bold predictions for Steelers 2024 offseason

It's time for real change; Here are four bold predictions for the Steelers this offseason.

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3. Steelers trade one of their top wide receivers during the offseason

This one would be a bit of a surprise -- especially with how both Dionate Johnson and George Pickens stepped up their game during the final stretch of the season. However, I can see a scenario where the Steelers simply don't want to put up with as much drama at the wide receiver position in 2024.

Mike Tomlin was asked too often this year about the lack of effort from both Johnson and Pickens. In particular, Pickens certainly looked like he could use an attitude adjustment at times, as he had a hard time containing his emotions.

The Steelers don't have excellent depth at receiver, so trading one of these two players away doesn't seem ideal. However, they might not be willing to put up with one mini-outburst after the next moving forward. There are plenty of receiver-needy teams out there who could come calling for one of these two talented players.

With the draft capital earned in exchange for Pickens or Johnson, the Steelers could invest back into the position and get a talented receiver in a great WR class on a rookie deal. I don't think this is a likely scenario, but I certainly don't think we can rule it out either.