4 burning questions Steelers desperately need to answer in Week 11 vs. Browns

  • Can the Steelers dominate at the line of scrimmage?
  • Will the Steelers stick to the ground game?
  • Is the Steelers' pass rush going to take advantage against weak o-line?
  • Can the Steelers have a commanding win over the Browns?

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Can the Steelers keep their game plan?

In a similar vein as what was described above, the Steelers need to be able to have an effective ground game. Against a top-tier Browns defense though, this is easier said than done. Cleveland’s defense gave the Steelers offense fits in the first game, and they know that they will have to be the unit to win the game given their injury at quarterback.

The Packers game was a perfect example of what this offense wanted to be in the offseason. Jaylen Warren and Najee Harris worked in tandem to pick up chunks of yards while the improved offensive line provided big holes to exploit. Both backs got their carries and had success, and their effectiveness on the ground allowed them to grind out a win.

The passing offense took a backseat and made plays when needed. It wasn’t pretty, and overall it should still be viewed as a long-term concern, but Kenny Pickett played a clean game and didn’t kill this team. It was just what they needed to get the win at the end of the game.

That has to be the goal again, even though the Browns' defense will likely be harder to move against than Green Bay's. That said, trying to get cute when this offense finally found their footing a week ago would be a mistake. Keep the run game as the focus, find ways to open lanes, and win this game on the ground in Week 11.