4 coaches the Steelers should fire on Black Monday

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Steelers need to fire Mike Tomlin

I’ve gone back and forth with this one, but I think I am at the point where I am ready to fire Mike Tomlin. No, he isn’t a horrible coach like many claim, and he does a lot of things well. I think the game has passed him by though, and his goals are more preservative as opposed to aggressive.

I’ve written numerous times about how the Steelers standard of competing for Super Bowls has regressed to simply having winning seasons. That isn’t good enough for this team, yet everyone is so focused on that fact. Heck, once the Steelers locked in a winning season, everyone poured out about how Tomlin was back and an elite coach.

My issue is that Tomlin has had the past few seasons to really craft this team in his image. The offense shifted into a conservative unit that can’t compete with the elite ones in the league as opposed to taking risks to return to the upper tier of units. This helps preserve that winning season record, but it doesn’t provide fruit in the postseason.

I also think that Tomlin has struggled to make changes in the middle of the season and in the middle of games. While wide-reaching changes aren’t always feasible, the Steelers were in Groundhog Day for much of this season. The offense sucked, the defense couldn’t do enough, and this team was losing games they should have been winning. The same can be argued on a per-season basis, as this team is limping to a respectable output but not providing anything more than that.

Does firing Tomlin carry some risks? Absolutely, but this team needs a facelift to rebuild itself. That likely means a lean season or two, and I’m not confident Tomlin is willing to allow that even if it means greater success afterward. For those reasons, I think this team should part ways with Tomlin on Black Monday.

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With the dreaded Black Monday almost here, quite a few coaches will be out of work due to their lack of success. The Steelers would be wise to follow suit and fire these four coaches due to their lackluster results.