4 cringeworthy Steelers who are hurting the team the most in 2023

These members of the Steelers aren't meeting 'the standard' so far in 2023.

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2. QB Kenny Pickett

There are a number of factors that go into a quarterback's performance. If the offensive line isn't playing well or the offensive coordinator has a poor script, it's very hard for any QB to be successful. Having said that, Kenny Pickett deserves a ton of blame for the miserable start to the 2023 season.

There's really no sugarcoating it: Pickett has been downright awful. In fact, he looks like the opposite version of the player we saw down the stretch last year and during the 2023 preseason. Pickett has made a number of careless decisions with the football and his accuracy has been all over the place. Meanwhile, his EPA and adjusted yards per attempt both rank near dead last in the NFL.

It's still early in the season, and it's important to remember that Pickett has already gone against two excellent pass rush units with the 49ers and the Browns. However, that does not give him a pass for the abysmal play we have seen so far in 2023.

Unlike Wallace and Moore, the Steelers do not have an alternative to a struggling Kenny Pickett. We know who Mitch Trubisky is after watching him for the past six years, and he's not the answer either. Pickett needs to turn it around and become the QB Pittsburgh was banking on him being. Otherwise, he may not last much longer as a starter in this league.