4 cringeworthy Steelers who are hurting the team the most in 2023

These members of the Steelers aren't meeting 'the standard' so far in 2023.

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1. OC Matt Canada

Of every member of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization, Matt Canada is undoubtedly the worst right now. No, we can't blame him for every single thing that goes wrong, but how many offensive coordinators can perform at this low of a level for a third straight year and still keep their job?

Canada's offense has never managed more than 19.5 offensive points per game since becoming the OC in 2021, and the Steelers offense is averaging a disgusting 9.5 offensive points per game so far entering Week 3. The 'standard' apparently doesn't apply to bad coaches.

Yes, the lack of execution certainly plays a part. Both Pickett and the offensive line have been poor in the first two games. However, after examining the all-22 film, it's clear to see that Canada's passing concepts are just plain bad.

I have no doubt that the Steelers were wrong in giving Matt Canada a third season to prove himself as offensive coordinator, and when Pittsburgh is done with him after 2023, I doubt he will ever get an OC job again in this league. Sadly, the Steelers missed the window to move on from him during the 2022 offseason, and making an in-season firing would be very much out of their element.

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