4 deals the Steelers could consider swinging before the NFL trade deadline passes

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Perhaps a big trade on offense is something the Steelers need right now

It seems unlikely right now, but maybe what the Steelers need more than anything is a big trade to jolt this team. They could go big game hunting and hope for an effect on the club similar to what happened when they traded for Minkah Fitzpatrick back in 2019. It would be a gamble to add a big player and give away a big asset right now.

The upcoming weeks for the Steelers are going to be huge in terms of how they judge their positioning for a potential playoff race. If they do well enough to warrant a chance to get better via trade before the deadline passes, then maybe adding a big name would make sense. Adding someone to the offensive side of the ball could be the best option.

Trading for Jonathan Taylor has been rumored over the past several weeks for Pittsburgh. it would take a mixture of probably Najee Harris and a pick or two. One would have to imagine that the Colts would like a haul back for the star running back, but he has slowly declined his value over the past couple of months from not training with the team as he holds out for a contract extension.

It would be a gamble to trade for someone who demands an extension, but the star player might help the running game get better. The Steelers need something new to this offense to try and form an identity. They have nothing right now and are missing that star player. Maybe they are missing Taylor from this offense, but they are missing someone with the star caliber of him.

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