4 glaring weaknesses on Steelers roster exposed before Week 6 bye

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2. Levi Wallace, Cornerback

Defensively this season, Pittsburgh's cornerbacks have been the biggest weakness on the team. As disappointing as Patrick Peterson has been in the secondary so far, Levi Wallace is by far the greatest liability on defense as the Steelers enter their Week 6 bye.

Wallace has been atrocious in every facet of the game. He simply doesn't have the speed to stick with receivers who are far superior athletes at this stage of his career. Though he did earn a pair of interceptions against the Raiders in Week 3, Wallace has been credited with surrendering a whopping 24 receptions for 302 yards and 3 touchdowns on the season, via Pro Football Reference.

This number could be so much worse than it already appears on paper. When you go back and put on the film, there have been numerous dropped passes deep down the field by receivers he was responsible for covering. These could have potentially resulted in his benching weeks ago. Not to mention Wallace has been atrocious when defending the run this year.

Instead of turning to Joey Porter Jr. full-time, the Steelers still insist on starting the veteran cornerback despite all of his flaws. We need to see a change here soon because Pittsburgh cannot continue to deploy Wallace in the secondary with how bad he has been.