4 glaring weaknesses on Steelers roster exposed before Week 6 bye

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1. Kenny Pickett, Quarterback

It pains me to say this, but there is no position weaker on the team than quarterback right now. This is partially because the success of the team hinges so heavily on the play from the QB position.

I know that Kenny Pickett doesn't have the most to work with. The offensive line has been awful early in the season, and he lost his starting receiver, Diontae Johnson, back in Week 1. Perhaps the biggest issue is the astonishingly bad play-calling that routinely fails to put Pickett in advantageous situations.

Regardless of everything he has working against him, the former first-round quarterback must show the ability to overcome these obstacles and put up respectable performances -- something he simply has not been able to do with any sort of consistency. Pickett is currently dead last in the NFL when it comes to composite EPA, per rbsdm.com, and his 78.8 passer rating is good for just the 27th-highest mark in the league.

We are now in Year 2, and the Steelers need to see much more from their young quarterback than what he has been giving them. Much of a team's success lives and dies by the quarterback position, and this team is averaging just 12.4 offensive points per game on the season. It's been pretty bad so far from Kenny Pickett.

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