4 head coach options for the Steelers if Mike Tomlin steps down

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel
Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Reports have recently surfaced that Mike Tomlin may be on his way out of the Steelers head coaching job. This won’t be due to a firing though, as Tomlin may decide to take a break from coaching, akin to what Sean Payton did before being traded to the Broncos last offseason.

This comes as a mild surprise. While I have shifted my opinion on Tomlin over the past few months (long story short, I think he should be gone so this team can properly rebuild), I wasn’t actively expecting him to leave. This wouldn’t be a firing, but it would force the Steelers to find a new coach to lead this team. Here are the four best coaching fits if Tomlin decides to step away from coaching.

Steelers could reunite with Brian Flores

A name that would make a lot of sense on paper, Brian Flores had an all-too-short stint with the Steelers last season. A surprise firing following a strong tenure with the Dolphins, Flores was left without a job amidst a lawsuit with his former team. Tomlin brought him on as a defensive assistant before he took the Vikings defensive coordinator job this past year.

He has continued to provide great coaching wherever he lands. He was a strong presence for the Steelers when here and he presented a stout defense for the Vikings. Not to mention his job as a head coach, where he took a perennial loser team and had them remain competitive. He clearly knows how to get the most out of players.

Flores would be a safe and familiar hire for this team if they need to go that way. While I am more inclined to look for an offensive coordinator to take on the job, Flores has talent as a coach. I would be all for a reunion if Tomlin decides to step down.