4 intriguing quarterbacks for the Steelers to replace Kenny Pickett in 2024

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Steelers could trade for Justin Fields

For the most part, I am against trading for a quarterback. Like the free agency route, teams aren’t going to get rid of top quarterback talent, but they can still fetch a great price for said player. Just look at Russell Wilson and DeShaun Watson from a few offseasons ago. Their respective teams gave up an arm and a leg to get them with poor results.

This offseason, there is one quarterback who is a hot name on the trade market. After securing the top pick in the draft, the Bears could seriously consider moving on from Justin Fields. While far from a complete player at this point, he has flashed some elite traits.

Fields is an absolute force on the ground and is probably one of the best running quarterbacks in the league outside of Lamar Jackson. Fields also boasts a strong arm, but his accuracy is poor at times and his decision-making is lacking. You would have liked to see some more development at this point, but the traits are all there.

What really opens the door is the projected deal that the Bears are reportedly considering. Supposedly, a first-round pick isn’t needed to get this deal done, and if all it takes is a day-two pick, then the risk could be worth the reward. He will want a new deal soon, but the Steelers would still have contractual control over him to see how good he is.

There is a lot of risk associated with Fields, but if you can trade for him relatively cheaply, you get a high-upside player for cheap. This offense would have to change significantly, but he certainly would be a unique name for this team if they went down this route.