4 intriguing quarterbacks for the Steelers to replace Kenny Pickett in 2024

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Steelers could sign Baker Mayfield

When I talked about free agent options a few slides ago, I mentioned two types of names to target. While Tannehill is a great fit for this offense, the Steelers could get risky and bet on a reclamation project. The most intriguing name for that is a familiar one in Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield was drafted first overall by the Browns, and for a while, it looked like Cleveland had found their franchise guy. Mayfield had strong stats during his first few seasons and commanded the locker room well. This led to some success for the longstanding joke of a franchise.

He cooled off though, and Cleveland ultimately entered and won the DeShaun Watson sweepstakes. Mayfield bounced around teams a year ago before the Buccaneers added him with little fanfare this offseason.

He didn’t disappoint, as Tampa Bay won their division and Mayfield was one of the better statistical quarterbacks this season. While he still committed far too many turnovers, he also utilized the weapons he had to make impact plays. Of the free agent quarterbacks set to be available not named Kirk Cousins, Mayfield does the most to win games as opposed to just managing a game.

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There is a good deal of risk with Mayfield, but if he has turned a corner, he could reclaim his spot as a potential top quarterback. If not, he likely flames out and sets you up to draft early to find his replacement. Because of these reasons, Mayfield is the most intriguing name to potentially replace Pickett this offseason.