4 linebackers the Steelers must sign after Cole Holcomb's horrible injury

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54)
Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54) / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers could sign Nate Gerry

Considering the season is halfway over, the NFL isn’t filled with high-quality talent sitting on the sidelines. Most players have found a home on a practice squad or roster by now, so the options have thinned out. Again, it is a good thing that the Steelers have some depth on their roster at linebacker.

With Holcomb having been the every-down linebacker, it would be ideal to land a player with some coverage ability in case it is needed. Nate Gerry isn’t the best linebacker to ever see the field, but he is a former safety and can hold his own in that regard. He was a starter with the Eagles in 2019 and 2020, so he has experience as well.

Gerry is also an avid special teams player, having been a core member of that unit even when he was a starter. While experience is a good thing, the play hasn’t been as promising. While a former safety, Gerry isn’t great in coverage nor is he a great athlete. He knows the role and can fill in, but counting on him for more than that is a mistake.

He is my least favorite name on this list for those reasons. Again, to fill out the depth chart and provide this team an emergency option though, you could do worse than Gerry. He has a lot of experience and can cover in a pinch. His special teams value can also keep him active even if not in a starting role.