4 linebackers the Steelers must sign after Cole Holcomb's horrible injury

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54)
Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54) / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers could bring back Nick Kwiatoski

Nick Kwiatoski is in a similar position as Gerry is, minus the former safety trait that Gerry has. Despite being a less-than-stellar player, Kwiatoski has a lot of experience as a starter on defense. He was a situational starter for most of his time in Chicago, and got his shot to be the top guy in Vegas, before reversing back to just a special teams player in Atlanta.

The Steelers should be familiar with Kwiatoski, as they signed him to their offseason roster. He didn’t perform poorly either, but ultimately lost his spot in a deep room. Still a free agent, Kwiatoski would provide another capable body to the linebacker room for this defense.

Like Gerry, Kwiatoski should be primarily expected to pick up some special teams work. He has excelled there as a pro, and while his starting days are waning, he can still cover punts and kicks well. He can contribute on defense if needed, but that shouldn’t be the expectation. Kwiatoski is a very limited defender.

While not a top name on this list, and for good reason, I think Kwiatoski has the best odds of being added. He should know the defense well enough given his stint here in the summer, so there won’t be a learning curve. He adds depth and can play on special teams if not needed on defense.