4 linebackers the Steelers must sign after Cole Holcomb's horrible injury

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54)
Atlanta Falcons linebacker Rashaan Evans (54) / Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers could poach Rashaan Evans

The final two names on this list are ones that people have likely heard of. Rashaan Evans is a former first-round pick and has been a starter for most of his time in the league. The Steelers certainly had a draft crush on Evans, and they reportedly tried to trade up and draft him on draft night.

His career hasn’t been as good as his draft billing was. While a starter with the Titans, he never developed into more than an average starter. He took his talents to Atlanta a year ago, and while he was the primary starter and logged 159 tackles, he struggled to find work this season. He has landed on the Cowboys practice squad.

This is partially due to his limitations as a coverage player. While he can log snaps on defense, he isn’t a great option to pick up running backs in coverage. He is even worse when asked to match up against tight ends. Bringing him in doesn’t solve the dime role for Pittsburgh.

What he provides is a very experienced player who can contribute on defense in a pinch. You could work him into some run packages if you want, or just keep him around in case another injury pops up. The team built their linebacker room around run-stoppers this offseason, and they could add another one in Evans.