4 major contracts Steelers must restructure this offseason to free up cap space

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T.J. Watt makes a lot of money and could open up a lot of cap space

With more work needing to be done to solve the cap issues for this upcoming season, the Steelers turn back to T.J. Watt to help them out again in the short term. Watt agrees and wants to do anything possible to give this team as much spending money as possible to try and build this team into a contender. Restructuring his contract is the next best way as it will get the Steelers back under the cap ceiling by nearly four million dollars.

Watt had another NFL Defensive Player of the Year caliber season. For one reason or another, it seems like that award will not go to him, even though he led the league in many statistical categories. Myles Garrett has been the political pawn to win that award and it seems like he will get it even though he didn't get as many sacks or splash plays as much as Watt did.

Time to get off that soap box as the Steelers now have restructured both of their star edge rushers to open cap space. It seems almost like a necessity for Pittsburgh to do so they can claw their way into cap savings. Finally, the black and gold are out of the red in terms of their money and can now either open more through restructures or cap casualties.

Three players have had their deals redone now with Highsmith, Fitzpatrick, and now Watt. All three seem to be willing to do as much as possible to improve their club as much as the front office can. Free agency will have some options out there that could improve this team. The Steelers will try and be active in free agency and potentially in the trade market too, which means there is more work to go.