The 4 most hated active players by Steelers Nation

  • We will remember Baker Mayfield and his days on the Browns
  • Lamar Jackson has caused many problems against the Steelers
  • A certain Browns quarterback tops the list

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Hate is a strong word but one that comes from passion. Sports fans are very passionate about their team and their players, and Steelers fans are no different. Steeler Nation is one of the best traveling fan bases in the sport, and as seen this year they show their love for their players and coaches, and when they think someone has to go they make it known.

However, it's not just their team that fans are passionate about. Rivalries are some of the biggest and most passionate games and matchups in sports, both on the field, in the stands, and online. Some of the biggest stars on rival teams become hated by every team's fanbase. The Steelers are no different as many players are hated by Steelers Nation, but among active players, these four stand above the rest.

4. Baker Mayfield

Unlike the rest of the players on this list, Baker Mayfield is the only player on the list to not be in the AFC North. However, obviously, the reason he is so disliked but Steelers Nation is due to his time as the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. Mayfield was not an elite player by any means with the Browns, but his cocky personality, combined with being the franchise quarterback, made him an easy player to dislike.

Combine that with the fact that he underperformed as the quarterback of the Browns, yet he was in an endless amount of commercials, and it's very easy to see why he was an irritating player to many Steelers fans. Baker always seemed to get tons of credit whenever the Browns would have any success, while not receiving much blame when they disappointed, solely because he was the first quarterback the team had in such a long time that was at least average.

Yes, he could've been omitted from this list due to him now playing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but the endless excuses he seems to get from fans around the league for why he hasn't lived up to expectations are why he remained on this list.

He has played much better this year with Tampa Bay, but the endless excuses he received while playing behind an elite offensive line while having arguably the league's top pure rusher to make things easier on him, have left an extremely sour taste in the mouths of myself and the rest of Steelers Nation.