The 4 most hated active players by Steelers Nation

  • We will remember Baker Mayfield and his days on the Browns
  • Lamar Jackson has caused many problems against the Steelers
  • A certain Browns quarterback tops the list

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1. Deshaun Watson

Deshaun Watson being at number one on this list should come as no surprise, as there are a plethora of reasons why he is disliked by Steelers Nation and a lot of other fanbases. While not going into details, obviously his off-field behavior has caused him to be one of the most disliked and criticized players in the entire sport and resulted in a long suspension.

However, there is more to it than just that. Obviously, Watson is the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, who are a bitter rival, which adds to it. But more than just that, his contract has made him a very disliked player. Watson was traded to the Browns for a massive haul that included multiple first-round picks, and despite reports saying he didn't want to go to the Cleveland Browns, things changed when he was accepted a record 5-year contract worth well north of $200 million fully guaranteed.

A fully guaranteed contract of that length was unprecedented in the NFL, and giving it to a player who had not played a snap in the NFL for quite some time was not something that sat right with NFL fans. The contract made him rise even higher on this list for Steelers fans, and then when he finally showed up to play, he did not even live up to the contract.

His subpar play, off-field issues, standing as the Browns quarterback, and massive contract, are why Watson is atop the list of the most disliked players by Steelers fans.

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Clearly, rivalries in sports lead fans to feel nearly as passionately in the opposite direction as they feel love and passion for their own favorite team. There are multitudes of reasons that players may be disliked by a fanbase, but players inside of a division are always towards the top of the list.