4 of the most overrated moves from the Steelers offseason

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) celebrates
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) celebrates / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
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Both Herbig brothers have some questions with Steelers

The Steelers added another set of brothers this offseason, signing veteran lineman Nate Herbig in free agency and drafting his brother Nick Herbig in the fourth round. While both should be decent reserves, both moves have left me with some questions.

Nate seems like the clearer path right now, as he will come in as a reserve lineman and be the interior swing man. I’m fine with that depth, but he signed a respectable contract to be that. Initially, it looked like he would battle with Kevin Dotson for the starting role. That quickly changed with the signing of Isaac Seumalo.

While he will be great depth, he is also expensive depth. I was more ok with that when he was in line to potentially start, but for now, he seems like just a backup. His brother Nick is a different story.

He was an edge rusher in college and was productive in that role at Wisconsin. The issue is his size, and he lacks the bulk and length that a typical edge rusher has. While I think he could carve out a successful role as an off-ball linebacker, it seems like the team is content to use him as a hybrid player.

He is the weakest pick of an admirably strong class, and while I foresee him being a good special teams player, I’m not confident in his ability to develop into a capable defender. Again, neither player will be horrible, but I think Steelers fans are overvaluing both additions, as both Herbig questions have some questions to answer.