4 of the most overrated moves from the Steelers offseason

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) celebrates
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson (7) celebrates / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers offense is being overrated

I’m lumping this group in as a whole, as the Steelers offensive line is being vastly overrated by the fanbase. The team made their intentions clear this offseason: they want to be a run-heavy offense, a trend counter to most of the elite teams in the NFL.

On paper, this makes sense, as defenses are getting smaller and smaller to accommodate elite passing attacks, so going heavier could allow this offense to play ball control. I can see how that could work and keep this team competitive in a lot of games as well as even a playoff team.

The build was good as well, focusing on improving the trenches with some line improvements while also filling out the tight end room. While I question the focus, I am happy they are at least building this offense the right way if they want to build a physical, run-focused team.

My issue is that, on paper, this offense can work, but I struggle to see it being a true top offense in the league. Are we playing to win enough games and limp into the playoffs, or should we be playing to actually compete for a Super Bowl? This seems like a safe choice, but one I don’t foresee yielding amazing results.

This also seems like a way to hide the flaws of Kenny Pickett. Steelers fans are way too high on the second-year quarterback, and this team wants to give him a limited offense as opposed to building one that he could thrive with. I’ve said that the ceiling is relatively low on Pickett, and the focus on building an offense not centered on him and the passing game is further proof.

Finally, Matt Canada has proven to be an inefficient play caller, yet the team retained him. Even if the offense is simplified, I’m skeptical that he can call a proficient game that keeps the team competitive every week.

In theory, I like having a throwback offense centered on the ground game, but I’m doubtful that this team will be able to keep up. Even if everything goes well, I can’t see Pittsburgh being a true contender in the league. Fans are so excited for throwback football, but I feel like it doesn’t truly make this team a top unit and is being vastly overrated by the fanbase.

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The Steelers have been aggressive this offseason in adding to this roster, and while I like a lot of the moves that have been made, I believe some fans are vastly overrating some of the changes that have been made. This team has gotten better, but we need to take off our rose-tinted glasses with some of these moves.