4 moves still left for Steelers to make after the NFL Draft

Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney
Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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The Pittsburgh Steelers, for better or for worse, essentially have their roster in place for the start of training camp this fall. However, there are still three potential moves the Steelers could make, which could help make them more competitive in the 2023 season.

Everyone would love to see the Steelers make another championship run, and their draft choices certainly go a long way to help them achieve that. Still, a few additional signings could give them depth in ways that could benefit them in ways they might not have thought of. Let's look at a few of the moves they could make.

4. Sign Jadeveon Clowney

Here come the jeers from the people reading. 'Are you out of your mind?' Perhaps, but there is a certain logic here. The Steelers could benefit from using another solid edge rusher. Pittsburgh played without T.J. Watt for a larger part of 2022. It did not help the Steelers with him out; they have a poor record without him in the lineup.

Even the additions of Nick Herbig or Keeanu Benton do not provide the Steelers with a solid edge rusher, at least for 2023. That’s not to say Herbig won’t be that guy at some point, but just not his rookie year. Benton is potentially the eventual replacement for Cam Heyward.

This is why they could benefit from signing. Jadeveon Clowney. Just sign him to a one-year deal, thus you do not make this another Melvin Ingram situation. Furthermore, if the Steelers do not sign him, the second another team loses a starting edge rusher for the season, Clowney will field many calls to replace him. Prevent that situation from occurring and lock up Clowney for the remainder of the season. Bringing him in gives the Steelers options.

A move like this gives them a one-two punch fielding the top-edge rushers in the game. It provides depth if another injury occurs; they still have one of the two. It gives the Steelers Steelers a season to groom Nick Herbig and see where they want to play him more permanently heading into 2024. The only real downside here is that adding Clowney could stunt the development of players like DeMarvin Leal or Isaiahh Loudermilk. However, if that’s the only negative, the Steelers should consider signing Clowney.