4 moves still left for Steelers to make after the NFL Draft

Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney
Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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3. Cut Gunner Olszewski

Face it, when the Steelers signed Gunner in 2022, there seemed to be some merit to the decision. However, that’s why hindsight is always 20/20. In their decision to sign Gunner, the Steelers only did it for his ability to return kicks, not for his talent as a wide receiver. Even in New England, he only had nine receptions in 12 targets in three seasons, whereas the Steelers targeted him seven times for five receptions.

Proportionately the Steelers may have used him a bit more in 2022 as a wide receiver, not that you would have noticed he only had 53 yards. They actually tried utilizing him more in the running game than as a wideout. The only thing fans will remember is him getting benched with his fumbles in his kick return game.

Another reason to cut Gunner is that Calvin Austin will make his debut in 2023 after missing 2022 due to a foot injury. This guy displayed some fantastic speed. Just watch his college game film. The Steelers could utilize him in every way they used Gunner, perhaps with better results.

Furthermore, besides using Austin in a jet sweep or as a kick returner, he can burn teams as a wide receiver. He just has a much higher ceiling than Gunner.  Although the Steelers will also have Jordan Byrd competing as a kick returner. Thus they could still cut Gunner and use Byrd and/or Austin to return kicks.

There seems to be no logic to keeping Gunner other than in relation to any hit the Steelers may take in the salary cap. Even then, they did have an out on Gunner’s contract. Nevertheless, Gunner should go before the Steelers ever get to training camp, as he has not done much to earn the chance to battle for a roster spot in 2023.