4 moves still left for Steelers to make after the NFL Draft

Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney
Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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2. Cut Kendrick Green

In fairness, this move could go either way; the Steelers could cut Dan Moore too, but Kendrick Green as a player, has fallen from his rookie season. He started as the center in 2021 and now finds himself as the third guard on a depth chart where the Steelers will only keep two at most. So let’s save the Steelers the effort of even having him compete for a roster spot when the Steelers could make better use of their roster in other ways.

From a personal perspective, Green could still have potential, at least in terms of versatility. Nevertheless, that is not a view shared by the majority. However, the Steelers have four centers on the team; at best, two would make it.

Rookie Spencer Anderson could fill in as a center if needed. The Steelers are more than likely to keep Anderson over Green anyway as Anderson enters training camp as a backup center anyway, despite his ability to play guard and at Tackle.

Some online might advocate trading Kevin Dotson, but really that’s going to happen? It makes more sense to keep Dotson and cut Green at this point. At least you know what you have in Dotson. People just complain about Green. You could just cut Dan Moore, but Green is not a tackle. Tackles are more of a premium in the NFL.

While Dan Moore is a mediocre tackle at best, it’s better to have a veteran behind Broderick Jones than next to no one. If Jones got injured, at least you can switch in Anderson or Moore. You can't do that with Green unless you’re rooting to have Kenny Pickett’s head taken off.