4 moves still left for Steelers to make after the NFL Draft

Steelers, Jadeveon Clowney
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1. Sign Ezekiel Elliott

Here comes another round of jeers and boos from the peanut gallery. It’s ok. Your views are respected here. This does have a thought-out rationale. Yes, Najee Harris is a good running back. In fact, he could even be a league leader in rushing with the addition of the Steelers draft picks. Here comes the counter-argument, the Steelers have Jaylen Warren. Also correct.

Despite having Warren, who has proven to be a capable backup, is he a long-term replacement if Najee Harris is injured? If that happens and Warren becomes the starter in Najee’s place, who backs him up? Anthony McFarland? Mcfarland, despite injuries, did briefly flash some potential in 2020. He has not done much since then. Do you want the Steelers to rely on him if Najee goes down in the one-two punch with Jaylen Warren? If so, may the good lord have mercy on your soul eventually.

Aside from McFarland, then your options are Jason Huntley or the retread from last year's Master Teague. Face it, signing Ezekiel Elliott would give the Steelers options beyond what they currently have. Again, this is not a long-term deal. At this point, Elliott would probably sign anything offered.

There are still rumors he might go back to the Cowboys. If Dallas does want to bring him back, how long do they wait to do so? Considering they have not done it, it’s doubtful they will. Thus if Elliot does sign with a team, it will only be with a team whose starter goes down with an injury. However, you do not want Elliot playing for the Bengals, if you believe that rumor.

What would Elliott bring to the Steelers? First, by Adding Elliott, it gives them solid depth beyond McFarland, Teague, and Huntley. Second, it gives the Steelers a one-two punch throughout the 2023 season. No matter how much the Steelers use Harris, they will pull him on a few plays to rest. Then depending on the game situation, they can run Warren or Elliott.

Considering the potential Najee has of running behind Broderick Jones and Darnell Washington if they line them up on the same side, how much potential would Elliott have, even if they use him in limited situations? Even Warren has the same potential; there is no doubt of that. The Steelers could have a first-rate running game simply by adding Elliott, and that’s not even going into how much Kenny Pickett improves this year.

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Will the Steelers do all this ahead of training camp? The Steelers are not a team to contort to the suggestions of online pundits. Still, these are not suggestions they should ignore outright. Even the Steelers GM has never dismissed the possibility of additional free-agent signings. If they Signed Elliott and cut Gunner, it would make the wide Receiver competition more spirited, at least, and get rid of dead weight on the Steelers roster.