4 players already tumbling down the depth chart at Steelers training camp

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hakeem Butler (21)
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hakeem Butler (21) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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The Steelers have been through quite a bit in training camp. From some early injuries to some surprising standouts, this team has been through the wringer so far. For every good performance, there have been some bad ones though. With camp continuing on, trends are starting to form though, and it hasn’t been great for some players.

While the depth chart is still being formed, these four players have seen their positions on the roster waiver. Some of them had some actual spots while others are just battling for a roster spot. These performances and the performances of others have made me question these four Steelers, and I have to think they are currently tumbling down the depth chart.

Steelers haven’t gotten much from Hakeem Butler

One of the more surprising names to be added to this roster, the Steelers added veteran receiver Hakeem Butler after his strong XFL season. He hasn’t been able to do much as a pro to this point, but a strong showing in the Spring seemingly showed that changes have been made.

The early results in camp haven’t been promising. Butler is a name that should be dominating right now. He has a rare blend of height weight and speed which typically shows well early on. When pads are off, in particular, players like this thrive.

Butler hasn’t, and worse yet, his hands have been a noticeable issue. Drops this early on will be a huge blow to his chances of making the roster. Add in the steady play of a returning player in Cody White and it seems like Butler is quickly making his way toward the bottom of the depth chart.