4 prospects who could alter Steelers draft plans if they slip in Round 1

If any of these prospects fall to the Steelers pick, the club might have to change up their draft plans.
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There are the obvious choices on night one of the NFL Draft for the Steelers. Some of the popular names include Amarius Mims, Graham Barton, and Nate Wiggins just to name a few. Either one of those three would make a ton of sense for Pittsburgh in the first round. Don't discount a scenario playing out where an unexpected prospect slips to the black and gold.

Maybe they don't fall the whole way to pick 20, but they might get in striking distance for a feasible trade-up for the Steelers. Some interesting names could be high on the draft board for the club, even though they might not have expressed a ton of interest during the pre-draft process. Many don't believe these prospects will be a possibility for the Steelers, but stranger things have happened in the draft.

Pittsburgh would love if Rome Odunze fell to them in the Draft

This might be the dream scenario for the Steelers out of any potential prospect slipping in round one. Rome Odunze is projected to be a top-ten pick in the upcoming draft, but there are rumors that the Steelers like the Washington product. His potential of lasting till their pick at 20 is next to none. So, a move up to get him would have to happen.

Fans might not like moving up in the draft for a receiver, but they need a top guy with George Pickens. Odunze is that guy. He is ranked as the third-best receiver coming out of the draft and could be a target for the Steelers if he slips out of the top ten. He is a special talent coming out of school and someone who could shake up their draft if he fell.

A wild card could be the Steelers taking Brock Bowers in the first round

Tight end certainly isn't a position of need for the Steelers heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. They have Pat Friermuth and Darnell Washington on the roster. Don't discount the potential of adding to the position in this draft though. After Brock Bowers goes, there isn't as much talent in the position compared to prior draft classes.

If Bowers were to slip to 20 somehow, Pittsburgh would surely consider him. He has a ton of talent as a tight end and can do it all. They went to Georgia's pro day and showed some pre-draft interest in the tight end. It would likely take a certain situation to transpire in the first round for the Steelers to take Bowers. He is a talented tight end who could replace Freiermuth if the club refuses to re-sign him.

Quinyon Mitchell would be a great value pick for the black and gold

Cornerbacks are always highly sought after in the draft, and they seem to jump up boards as the first round gets closer. Both Terrion Arnold and Quinyon Mitchell have been labeled as the top two cornerbacks heading into the first round. Many experts have been debating which corner is the top guy in this draft class.

Mitchell has enjoyed a tremendous pre-draft process and fits the bill for what the Steelers look for in a young cornerback coming out of the draft. He was once expected to be a second-round selection, but now Mitchell is flirting with being the top corner-taken. If he somehow slips to the 20th overall pick, Pittsburgh will seriously have to consider him and potentially move Donte Jackson to the slot role.

The Steelers could draft Olu Fashanu if he somehow slips enough

It is still hard to imagine Olu Fashanu flipping to within reaching distance of the Steelers, but it could happen. He has been falling in many mock drafts recently. Joe Alt is expected to be the top tackle taken, and if a team needs someone on the right side, then they could bypass Fashanu. He is an extremely promising prospect out of Penn State and someone who would be great value if he slips.

The Steelers need an upgrade at right tackle so they can move Broderick Jones over to left tackle. If someone like Fashanu falls to them somehow, they would be foolish not to consider him. They could always pick him up and figure things out later. Or Fashanu could take over the left tackle spot and have Jones remain the starting right tackle.

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