4 reasons Steelers QB Kenny Pickett could take the next step in 2023

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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3. A Balanced Offense

As mentioned in the last slide, the offensive line should be the best it has been in a few seasons for the Steelers, but that doesn't just help out Pickett, it also helps the running game. Najee Harris put up some respectable counting numbers in his first two years in the NFL, however, he hasn't been very efficient and while some of that could be blamed on him, a large chunk of the blame can be put on the offensive line.

Harris has not seen much running room early on in his career, both due to poor offensive line play, and subpar quarterback play. His first year saw him playing with an immobile veteran, and last year he was playing with a rookie, so teams were stacking the box, and making the Steelers one dimensional. With Kenny Pickett now being acclimated to the NFL, and there being a better unit blocking in front of him, Harris should face less crowded boxes and have much more room to run.

Additionally, Harris played much of last season with a foot injury, that likely impacted his play. Now he has had time to let the injury heal and should come out and be healthy this season. To ensure this Jaylen Warren should see increased looks, in order to keep Harris fresh and at his best. Warren excelled in limited playing time as a rookie last year and earned more playing time. The two complement each other as well, with Harris providing the power and Warren providing the speed. The use of both backs will ensure both are fresh and will add another layer to the offense.

An improved running game would give Pickett a balanced attack and would take a lot of weight off of him. Add to that, the threat of the play action pass which the team has been lacking from its repertoire the last few years, and this could do wonders for Pickett and the Pittsburgh offense.