4 replacement options for the Steelers to address Cam Heyward's long-term absence

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Every Steelers fan would love for the Watt brothers to unite in Pittsburgh

Everyone is going to be talking about this until someone finally dispels these thoughts once again. J.J. Watt will have to probably come out publicly for the millionth time to say he is not coming out of retirement to play for the Steelers. It seems like any time there is even an ounce of hope that both Watt brothers could team up, there is always news around it.

It hit an all-time high when J.J. was a free agent a couple of years ago, but he decided to move out west and play for the Arizona Cardinals instead of joining his brothers in Pittsburgh. He has come out publicly recently that he does regret not playing with his brothers with the Steelers. That was also said recently and before Heyward was ever injured.

Watt never really played the type of game that Heyward has during most of his career. Watt could be capable of doing that, but he has not been working out to be in football shape ever since he retired from the game after last season. He would provide a tremendous story to this defense and would be a fun player to watch on Sundays.

The other issue is how much money would Watt be willing to play for. The Steelers don't have a ton of cap space to work with right now so they would need to get creative. It seems like a pipe dream for J.J. to come out of retirement as he seems perfectly content with his life outside of football. Perhaps the opportunity is too good to pass up for him, or maybe it will always just be something the fans will dream about for eternity.

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