4 Steelers on the 53-man roster who will not last the season in Pittsburgh

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The regular season is in full gear as the Steelers hope to make a strong push during this upcoming campaign. They have shown their issues early in the schedule, but it is a long campaign ahead of them. Even though they have their current 53-man roster assembled, that does not mean that movement could happen at any moment.

These are some players who could hear their names called to the coach's office to get bad news between now and the conclusion of the regular season. The Steelers might have to make some changes if they have continuous struggles this year to try and salvage the season. These players might be on the roster now, but there could be a replacement brought in for their spot.

James Pierre has not done enough to stick with the Steelers

One player who made the roster because of sure lack of quality numbers was James Pierre. He did just enough to make the roster, but the Steelers did go out and add Desmond King II because they were not comfortable with the depth at the cornerback position. Pierre does play on special teams and that is the main reason why he sticks around.

He is a slow player for his position in today's NFL. Pierre has not been able to make the type of progress that the Steelers hoped for when they signed him as an undrafted free agent. An NFL roster is a pure numbers game and Pittsburgh will always try to field the best roster every week. If injury issues start to arise, it would make sense for Pierre to go and be replaced by someone else.