4 Steelers on the 53-man roster who will not last the season in Pittsburgh

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Pressley Harvin III may have won the job, but he is struggling to keep it

Special teams are a very important part of football as they can directly affect the outcomes of games. If your kicker is having a bad time, your club misses out on points which will cost your team more times than not. The long snapper is not as vital, but they do play a big role in the overall operation for delivering holders and punters the ball in an accurate and timely manner.

Punters are one of the least respected positions in football just because no one truly believes that they are important for the game. That is untrue as someone like Pressley Harvin III has shown time and time again during his struggled punts. If your punter shanks a punt, it can shorten the field for the opposing team in a significant way.

Mike Tomlin has taken notice with week one against the San Francisco 49ers being the main example. The problem that Harvin has always had since being drafted by Pittsburgh is his lack of consistency. He needs to find that soon or he will be out of a job in this city. Everyone has wanted him to work for this town after his draft coverage, but it has not worked out thus far.

Constant hiccups in the punting game and issues with his consistency will ultimately cost him if it continues. There could be reasons for off the field family issues that still haunt his performance to this day. Unfortunately, the NFL is a performance based business, and Tomlin and company will have to act fast if Harvin cannot figure things out as his time draws to a pivotal point.