4 Steelers fan favorites who are in danger of being cut before Week 1

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Steelers may not keep Cory Trice

I was as happy as anyone when the Steelers landed Cory Trice in the seventh round of the draft. He isn’t your usual late-round prospect, as he is an established cornerback with great measurables and potential. Many saw him as a day-two pick, but a strong cornerback class and some injury questions seemed to drop him down boards.

While I have high hopes for Trice, I also realize that he is only a seventh-round pick. Those players get cut all of the time, and while Trice has a path to the roster, he isn’t a lock to be kept. While lacking elite talent, the cornerback room is rather deep, especially with outside cornerbacks.

The first key for Trice will be special teams. He needs to prove that he can serve on the return units and not be a liability there. That will be the quickest way he gets playing time and ensures that he can be kept as depth. Likewise, he also needs to hold up in practice and during the preseason on defense.

If all goes to plan, he should be one of the cornerbacks kept. That said, he isn’t a lock, and as a seventh-round pick, he could realistically miss out on the roster. While fans have quickly gotten behind him, Trice could easily be amongst the cuts at the end of training camp.

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The Steelers have a very new roster, which hasn’t given us a chance to latch onto some lesser players. That said, these four fan favorites are at risk of getting cut during training camp. They need to show up and earn their spot, or else they could quickly be looking for work somewhere else.