4 Steelers offseason decisions from 2023 that already look like a disaster

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Steelers disaster #1: Retaining Matt Canada

It was a mild surprise when the Steelers announced that they intended to keep Matt Canada for another season as their offensive coordinator. Through two years in the role, Canada hadn’t showcased much as a coordinator. There were inherent issues, including an aging Ben Roethlisberger and a completely new unit last year, but the concepts and playcalling were bad.

The argument seemed to be pretty clear with keeping him: the Steelers didn’t want to force Kenny Pickett to have to learn a new system so early on. The issue now is, that this system still seems to be horrible, and it is limiting the offense and the team as a whole.

That isn’t to say that Canada is the only one to blame here. He isn’t, and while I wish he would have been fired last year, there isn’t much the team can do now. Getting rid of him isn’t the simple solution to everything either. That said, this band-aid should have come off last year, and the fact that it didn’t is hurting this team.

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The Steelers season has started off on a mixed note. While the 2-1 record is appealing, this team has performed under expectations. While there is time for all of this to change, these four moves from the offseason appear to be early disasters that are contributing to this.