4 Steelers players who could be traded during the 2023 NFL Draft

Pittsburgh Steelers center Mason Cole (61)
Pittsburgh Steelers center Mason Cole (61) / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Steelers should try and get something out of Kendrick Green

Has there been a bigger draft bust in recent years than Kendrick Green? The entire process of bringing him at center despite the fact he was undersized and lacking experience there was a curious move. This was especially so when this team penciled him in to start right off the bat despite these inherent issues.

The results were as expected, as the offensive line struggled with Green at the helm and Green himself was a turnstile. His rookie season had only a few bright moments, and the majority of his tape saw him getting bullied by bigger linemen or just flat-out getting thrown to the ground.

The team tried to move Green back to guard this past season, but he was firmly beaten out by Kevin Dotson (another player the Steelers clearly aren’t high on). He failed to register a snap in year two and looks like a roster longshot as I write this today. That said, Green did have plenty of interest from other NFL teams before he was drafted and he is a plus athlete.

If one of those teams came out of the woodwork, Green could be dealt during the draft. This type of trade would be for essentially nothing, and it may not even involve picks from this draft, but it would be better than getting nothing for Green. A trade won’t be big, but if anyone offers anything for the third-round bust, the Steelers should be thrilled to accept the deal.