4 Steelers receivers on the hot seat with the addition of Allen Robinson

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Miles Boykin isn't safe just yet

The Steelers acquired Boykin in 2022 when the Ravens cut him. Considering the Steelers had some success when they picked up Chris Wormley from the Ravens, it seemed natural to pick up Miles Boykin. Well, Miles made the squad, and that was about it. He finished the season with two receptions for 11 yards despite being suited up for 16 games. One might wonder why they even kept him. More than likely, due to the injury to Calvin Austin, they needed to keep a body around just in case.

He will have another opportunity to make his case this season; however, it’s hard to envision that he will do much to bolster his case that the Steelers should keep him around. Nothing short of miraculous performances in the preseason games will likely save him, and If Gunner or Miller can up their game, then Miller will have a hard time cracking the 53-man roster.

With an upgraded offensive line after the draft and an upgraded passing game, as one would assume, even Mitch Trubisky may function better with the players they drafted to put on the offensive line. Thus, perhaps a better passing game will work to Boykin's advantage in the preseason as he tries to impress. But keep in mind the three free agents will be fighting for a roster spot, and the ball can only go to so many receivers; he will have to make the best of every pass thrown his way.

Frankly, it would be a total shock if Boykin makes the cut. It makes one wonder if we could have a situation similar to Benny Snell; they continue to keep him around for reasons unknown when everyone else thought he should have been sent packing in 2021.