4 Steelers receivers on the hot seat with the addition of Allen Robinson

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Cody White unlikely to make Steelers roster

Cody White is one of those likable guys; you're happy for him when he makes a play. While he did not have much production in 2021, he made the best of the chances he had. In 2021 Cody had an 83.3 catch percentage catching 5 of the six passes thrown his way, totaling 33 receiving yards.

On top of that of his five catches, three resulted in a first down. In 2022 despite making a few good plays in the preseason, at least enough good plays, in the preseason to make the final roster, he only had one pass thrown to him and had a grand total of receiving two yards.

If that’s not being on the hot seat, then what is? The interesting part is that of seven passes in two seasons, he has caught all but one of them. Hence why didn’t they try throwing to him more often? That, unfortunately, is a question that will never be answered.

That leaves him in the dubious position of having to prove he needs to remain on the roster in 2023. That’s what we will need to find out this preseason. Yet somehow, you just kind of get this feeling Cody has the ability could step up and make that happen. He can make a case for himself if he can get 40 or 50 receiving yards in one or two preseason games and perhaps two or three touchdowns.      

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If any of the receivers that are on the hot seat in training camp make the cut, possibly Cody does. Nevertheless, we must wait to see how it all shakes out. Perhaps they decide to keep Gunner until his contract expires at the end of the 2023 season. Boykin, maybe he's 50/50 at best it's hard to say at this point; thus, there will be quite a bit for fans to watch in the receiver competition this season.