4 Steelers veterans who could lose their starting jobs to a rookie this season

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A seventh round corner could cause for one of the Steelers starters to sit

One player that has stood out during the early portions of the pre-season process has been Cory Trice Jr. The seventh-round pick of the Steelers in their most recent draft class has been making waves ever since his draft day slide. Both he and Joey Porter Jr. have gotten quality reviews ever since they put on the black and gold colors for the first time.

The outcome of where Patrick Peterson ends up playing in the secondary will affect plenty of starting spots. Porter will likely have a starting gig cemented at one of the outside cornerback spots. Peterson will either end up at the opposite outside spot of Porter or play in the slot. His ending up in the slot and adding good snaps there would be the best outcome.

If Peterson does end up in the slot, that means there is an opening for the opposite outside corner spot for the taking. Levi Wallace would likely begin as the starter there initially but do not rule out Trice as a possibility. He is a long corner and someone that could mirror Porter well. Both have similar play styles that the Steelers like.

There are plenty of other names on the roster that could challenge Wallace for that opening beyond Trice that include James Pierre and Luq Barcoo. Trice might be the best size of this group and his college tape should have landed him three rounds earlier at the latest. This could be a steal for Pittsburgh if Trice keeps on the path that he is on.

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