4 Steelers who have already won their training camp battles

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Dan Moore has clearly won the Steelers tackle battle

A rookie who hasn’t fared as well in his battle is first-round pick Broderick Jones. Jones hasn’t been objectively bad, but he has shown the struggles that many expected him to show. Jones is a freak athlete and a potential top tackle because of it, but limited playing time and raw technique means he has something to learn still as a left tackle.

Dan Moore, everyone's favorite incumbent, started training camp poorly off, as did most of the tackles. The edge rushers were constantly getting the better of them in camp, and Moore was no exception. As time went on, Moore continued to show some growth and improvement though. That has continued into the preseason games.

While the battle has been a good one in camp, Moore will be the steadier presence off the bat and a better fit for this offense. Jones needs time to get himself seasoned before he starts, and Moore has proven to be a fine placeholder in the meantime.

For those that get upset at the idea of Jones starting on the bench, there is no sense in rushing him. They have two mid-tier tackles that can hold their own until Jones is ready. Even after Jones takes over at left tackle, I still expect Moore to be in the picture as the swing tackle or even at right tackle. Fans are so low on Moore, but the former fourth-round pick has more than held his own and continues to develop as a tackle.

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While the preseason and training camp aren’t quite over, these four players have already seemingly claimed their spots on the roster. These battles seem over due to their strong camp performances. Good on them for proving their worth and value already to this team.