4 Steelers who will be playing for their future jobs in Week 18

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett (8)
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Steelers Najee Harris could switch roles

The first two names on this list are at risk of being cut outright and off the team. The latter two will almost certainly be on the roster but could see their role on the team change. Starting with Najee Harris, it has been yet another blah season from the former first-round pick.

That certainly wasn’t the expectation. The Steelers were adamant in the offseason about building a stifling rushing attack for this offense to lean on this season. Even with the emergence of Jaylen Warren, the expectation was for him to just be second fiddle to Harris. A career-best season was expected, and a push for the rushing title wasn’t out of the question.

Instead, it has been more of the same from Harris. He hasn’t been horrible, but he has been inefficient with his carries. He benefits from the lion's share of the workload to inflate his stats, but his yards per carry is mediocre and he is more of a plodder than anything.

He is getting usurped by Warren. Initially, Warren was supposed to be just a change of pace option, but he has rightfully earned more work. He has provided more spark with the ball in his hands and could rightfully make the claim as top back. Heading into next season, that battle needs to open up.

The Steelers also need to decide what to do with Harris and his fifth-year option. As it stands, I don’t think there is a way to justify giving him that, meaning he is entering his final year with the team. Add in the questions that Warren should be forcing, and Harris is playing for a lot in this final game of the season.