4 trade proposals for star players Steelers should consider this upcoming offseason

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Deebo Samuel could become a cap issue for the 49ers this offseason

This one might leave fans scratching their heads as the 49ers would want to keep Deebo Samuel for the duration of his career. Main issue here for San Francisco is their need to find some cap space to keep some players. Samuel costs a pretty penny and his fellow receiver Brandon Aiyuk is looking for an extension.

The 49ers have a big decision to make when it comes to which receiver to keep around. That is where Samuel could become available this offseason via trade. The Steelers are in need of offensive weapons that are locked up for a little longer past next season.

Maybe giving up Diontae Johnson for Samuel straight up could make sense for both sides plus exchanging some picks. Adding someone like Samuel would be a great addition to a stale offense. He can catch the ball just about anywhere and run with the football too.

Inserting someone like Samuel would solve the slot receiver issue and also add some versatility when it comes to game planning. Trading away Johnson would make a need for another outside receiver, but Samuel is more dynamic. The Steelers should be making some calls if the 49ers make Samuel available.