4 vital changes Steelers must make to turn their misery around for good

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Pittsburgh has to keep their options open to upgrade at quarterback

No offense will succeed in the NFL if they cannot find a solid starter at quarterback. Kenny Pickett remains the key issue for the Steelers no matter how much Canada deserved the blame or not on certain performances. Pickett has started about a season and a half worth of games for Pittsburgh, and it has not worked out for both sides.

For one reason or another, he comes off as playing a simple and stale game. Other than some promise being shown against the Bengals a couple of weeks ago, Pickett has remained in his shell. Add those performance issues with his mounting injury concern, and you have a problem. Quarterback is a position you need an answer at, not a maybe or a no.

This offseason will be big for the future of the franchise. Pickett has to at least have a legitimate competitor brought in this offseason to push for his starting job. Either through the draft, trade, or free agency, there are better options out there. The quarterback room of the Steelers is not good right now, and they need to retool it this offseason.

Some interesting options could be out there for the black and gold to try and get in a few months. Cousins could be interesting in free agency, but he would cost a lot of money. Justin Fields could be an interesting trade target if the Bears were willing to deal him at a discounted rate. Jayden Daniels would be an electric player to draft and push Pickett for his job immediately.

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