4 worst moves Steelers made this offseason

The Steelers had a great offseason, but here are four moves from 2024 we would take back.
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers
New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers have not given fans much to complain about during the 2024 offseason. From releasing the right players to signing quality free agents and loading up on talent in the NFL Draft, Omar Khan has done nearly everything fans were hoping he would.

But we don't have to agree with every single roster move the Steelers made. Though Pittsburgh has had a strong offseason, I wasn't a fan of every signing, contract decision, or draft pick.

I'm being nitpicky here, but here are the four worst roster moves the Steelers made this offseason, and I would undo these if I could.

Worst Steelers roster moves of 2024:

Signing DT Montravius Adams

I know that the Pittsburgh Steelers wanted some depth, experience, and stability along the interior defensive line, but signing Montravius Adams to a two-year contract would not have been my decision. Adams was up and down as a rotational defensive tackle in 2023, but his inability to anchor against the run makes him a liability far too often.

Instead of handing a multi-year deal to a player I'm not convinced should make the roster, the Steelers could have put this money toward an improvement on the interior defensive line. The front office didn't even keep the right free-agent DL. I would have held onto Armon Watts, who is coming off a better season and signed for slightly less annual money with the Patriots.

Restructuring Alex Highsmith's contract

If the reasoning behind restructuring Alex Highsmith's contract was in hopes of trading for a wide receiver, I understand the thought process. But looking at this move in hindsight, I'm not a fan.

While a trade could still happen, the Steelers weren't starving for salary cap space just before the draft when they made this move. The problem with such a move is that it makes Highsmith's cap numbers far less appealing in 2025 and beyond. Despite having an average annual earning of $17 million in new money average, the Steelers will take on a nearly $20 million cap number for Highsmith on average through 2027.

If this decision doesn't result in a trade for a player or a significant signing, it will have ramifications on the salary cap in the future for no reason.

Signed WR Quez Watkins

I was not a big fan of Quez Watkins after watching him on the Eagles. Watkins failed to take advantage of A.J. Brown and Devonta Smith drawing all the attention and clearly looked like a player Philadelphia needed to upgrade from.

Now Watkins might not even have a path to make the team. The Steelers are suddenly crowded with slot receiver options like Roman Wilson, Calvin Austin III, and Scotty Miller, while Van Jefferson played a lot of snaps from the slot with Arthur Smith last year. Watkins didn't cost much, but I never felt like he was going to play a role on the Steelers and the signing seemed unnecessary.

Drafted DL Logan Lee in Round 6

I'll never be too hard on a late-round draft decision any team makes. At this point in the draft, you are looking for players who can make your roster. But can Logan Lee even do that?

The former Iowa defensive lineman will now compete with players like Dean Lowry, Isaiahh Loudermilk, and DeMarvin Leal for a roster spot, and there may only be two helmets to go around for these four players.

Instead of taking a 'tweener' player with an awkward body type (6'5 3/8'', 281 pounds, 32 1/4'' arms), the Steelers could have doubled up at a position of need like wide receiver with Florida State's Johnny Wilson or USC's Brenden Rice. This also would have been an ideal time to take a shot on a slot cornerback like Auburn's D.J. James, Penn State's Daequan Hardy, or Pitt's M.J. Devonshire.