5 biggest winners (and 5 biggest losers) of Steelers training camp

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Steelers biggest winner: Nick Herbig

I mean, could it really be anyone else? Nick Herbig was my least favorite draft pick once the class settled. I liked his want to, but his size had me concerned. Small edge rushers are a rare thing in the NFL, and the Steelers especially like their pass rushers on the bigger side of things. I fully expected him to struggle and eventually shift inside.

Herbig has done everything right from day one though. He entered camp and was one of the first names to make noise. He was a force off the edge, and his speed in particular was a highlight of his game. He was beating blockers daily, and while the hype was building, I still found myself skeptical.

He has completely exceeded my expectations. He played in all three preseason games and made an impact in one way or another. From sacks to fumbles, his play in practice translated onto the field, which isn’t something everyone can say. He has certainly shut me up about my doubts about him sticking at edge rusher.

At this point, the Steelers would be wise to try and get him some defensive snaps sooner rather than later. No, he won’t be a starter, and veteran edge rusher Markus Golden should be the primary backup, but Herbig has earned a chance to play on defense this season. He easily won camp this year, and is one of the bigger preseason winners in recent years.

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With preseason and training camp wrapped up, the Steelers are set to finalize their roster. While there were a lot of ups and downs, these five winners and losers did the most for or against their stock with the team as final cutdowns loom.