5 biggest winners (and 5 biggest losers) of Steelers training camp

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Steelers third biggest winner: Dan Moore

Given the circumstances of how the offseason went, it would be hard to count Dan Moore as a true winner. The Steelers once again committed to bettering their offensive line and traded up in the first round to draft Broderick Jones. Even if he doesn’t start right away, Jones is the left tackle of the future, meaning Moore will either be benched or be forced to move to the right side.

Even after the selection was made, Moore was open and honest about everything. He was very vocal about their still being a competition, and he planned on making Jones earn the starting gig. While he talked in a competitive manner, he was also more than willing to aid in Jones’ development. Both have been working together for most of training camp.

While the early results weren’t great, Moore found his footing and quickly became arguably the best tackle for this team through camp. Has he been perfect? Is he suddenly an elite starter? Both answers are no, but Moore has once again taken some steps forward, and he will likely be the starting left tackle out of the gate. Even more important, Moore could be counted on to play on the right side next season assuming Jones is the left tackle.

His willingness to compete (unlike a Kevin Dotson) as well as his willingness to step up and help the rookie that will eventually take his job is commendable. Add in the good play and development through camp and Moore has done everything you could have wanted. He has earned the right to start, and he has also proven just how good of a teammate he is.