5 cap casualties that could free up significant money for the Steelers in 2024

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As the Steelers sit here today, they are projected to be nearly seven million over the cap ceiling. That number could seem daunting to some, but Pittsburgh has a lot of things to work with to bring that number down. They have different avenues through contract restructures and cap casualties to make some extra space.

It doesn't hurt that the black and gold doesn't have too many big-name free agents to re-sign either. There should be a lot of turnover with this roster with how their season ended. They again limped back into the slightly above average conversation just to lose in the first round of the playoffs yet again. This club is going to be active over the next several months to try and get a better team on the field next season.

Allen Robinson II would cost too much money to keep around past this offseason

Allen Robinson II might be the most obvious cap casualty for the Steelers this offseason. He was a smart move last offseason as the club traded for him at a discounted rate. His contract structure made last year is a one-year contract that the Steelers could get out of if Robinson didn't work out. He was a solid blocker, but he cannot be brought back at that cap hit.

When you look at the receiver group for Pittsburgh, they gave two solid starters on the outside. Both Robinson and Calvin Austin III were disappointments overall. Austin is still young and cheap so there is no need to make drastic changes there. Robinson is much older and someone who would cost too much compared to what he provides to your team.

He could be a nice veteran option on the cheap and someone Pittsburgh could circle back to if he would be willing to come back on a much cheaper contract. According to Spottrac's website, cutting Robinson would save the Steelers ten million in savings. That is a lot of space as it would put Pittsburgh under the cap and open the door for other potential moves this offseason.