5 cap casualties that could free up significant money for the Steelers in 2024

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Larry Ogunjobi could be a surprise cut when the Steelers make some moves

One of the biggest disappointments this season has been Larry Ogunjobi. Many rejoiced when Omar Khan re-signed him last offseason, and for good reason. He had a solid year in Pittsburgh and would seemingly become a solid starter on an aging defensive line. Many different things went wrong for him.

After signing his big contract, he routinely misses practices and deals with different injuries that seem to hamper him. He rarely misses time, which is shocking with how little he practices and shows up on the injury report. Ogunjobi has been a disappointment since signing this contract and he deserves to be under consideration for cap casualty.

Perhaps the showing by rookie Keeanu Benton will give Pittsburgh enough confidence to cut Ogunjobi this offseason. He went missing for a big chunk of the season this past year. He would show up for a couple of weeks before he would just not show up. Pittsburgh has a big decision to make here and it seems pretty clear right now.

By releasing Ogunjobi soon, the black and gold would save a little over six million dollars. That is a fairly significant amount of money that can be used elsewhere. The dead cap hit is something the Steelers would need to handle over the next couple of years though. He just hasn't played to a level that is deserving of that cap hit, so he could be someone who is considered a shocking cut candidate.