5 cap casualties that could free up significant money for the Steelers in 2024

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Chuks Okorafor has been out the door since halfway through the Steelers past season

Another obvious cap casualty option here for the Steelers is none other than Chuks Okorafor. He was benched about halfway through the regular season for an issue that occurred inside the locker room. His benching was from Mike Tomlin as he reportedly didn't like that the offense was still running plays during a time they were out of the game.

Tomlin hated Okorafor's attitude at this moment and started Broderick Jones over him. That seemed to provide a slight upgrade at tackle, but Dan Moore Jr. routinely proves that he cannot be the answer at left tackle moving forward. Now that Tomlin and Okorafor don't see eye to eye, it seems obvious that he will be off the team in the coming months.

Pittsburgh could even consider trading Okorafor, and it seems plausible that a handful of teams could consider him. His price for a starting tackle isn't insane, and he isn't the worst right tackle in the NFL. Many clubs will be looking for upgrades so ideally it would be better if the Steelers could trade him and get a late round pick or something of value in return via trade.

If no trade suitors come around then cutting him is the next best option. Okorafor has always been average and sadly never improved. The Steelers can do better than him, and releasing him would provide nearly nine million in cap space. If the Steelers cut all these players listed in this article alone, they would sit around 28 million under the cap with plenty of space to grow.

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