5 early season moves the Steelers could make to try and solve problems on the fly

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Signing a free agent at inside linebacker might be the best option for Pittsburgh

The black and gold have been hard at work this offseason to address plenty of needs. They have filled holes for the most part, but the biggest concern on this roster continues to be middle linebacker. Cole Holcomb and Elandon Roberts can be stop-gap starters for this defense, but the Steelers need long-term answers.

A couple of different routes could take shape for Pittsburgh between now and into the regular season. Free agency seems like the best scenario where they can hopefully find someone that could be an upgrade over Holcomb. That would then allow them to keep trade assets and have Holcomb become the second option at linebacker, which he would thrive in.

Kwon Alexander still makes a lot of sense, especially after the club brought him in for a visit. His leaving does damage his chances of signing with the team, but it could be more of a wait-and-see approach for both sides. Alexander would not be a pro bowler but he would provide an upgrade over the current players. Another option still out there that has starting pedigree is Rashaan Evans.

He has not turned out to be a top linebacker like many thought of him as coming out of the draft many years ago. Evans could be had for cheap on a one-year deal, but his coverage abilities are questionable. Zach Cunningham is another free agent with starting experience that could be brought in. He has a pre-draft history with the Steelers and is athletic when he can stay healthy.