5 Steelers replacement options at linebacker following Pittsburgh's recent injuries

Their are options available if the Steelers are looking for linebackers.

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It may be time for the Steelers to go shopping to fill some voids at the linebacker position.

It's becoming a familiar theme. Twice in two weeks, the Pittsburgh Steelers have suffered massive blows to the middle of their defense. Their top two MIKEs (middle linebackers) have now been lost to season-ending injuries in back-to-back games. First Cole Holcomb went down, and now Kwon Alexander was the latest victim with a partial Achilles injury.

Losing one is manageable. Losing both is a potential nightmare.

Plenty of speculation will follow as they are now relying on Elandon Roberts and Mark Robinson to take over the starting duties. Both are quality run-stoppers, but no one on the roster can provide quality snaps in coverage. It is going to be a tough couple of weeks for a defense that has had to adjust to this new linebacker group. Finding outside help might be a good option.

A familiar face could come out of retirement and join the Steelers

Maybe one of the more obvious choices are sitting in our faces right now, but we refuse to accept it. Myles Jack is retired (for now), but he has tried to get back into football as recently as this past preseason.

He was on the Philadelphia Eagles roster before he abruptly decided to retire. He had no chance of making the team, and that may have been his reasoning for temporarily hanging up the cleats.

Everyone remembers the bad linebacker play from last year. Jack was part of that problem. So was Devin Bush and others.

Jack was forced into a three-down role, but maybe he could have another option with the black and gold this time. There are multiple benefits for both sides if the Steelers were able to get Jack to rejoin the team to finish out the season.